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About us

About us

Las Manos del Mundo was formed by the National Union of Artisan Producers of Mexico and is the institution behind the Organizing Committee of the International Fair of Crafts in Mexico held in León Guanajuato.  Las Manos del Mundo has the recognition and the support of the National Fund for the Promotion of Crafts (Fonart).


From December  12th to December 15th, 2014, the 7th International Fair of Handcrafts in Mexico will be held in Poliforum León (León, Guanajuato). Craftsmen from all over the world will attend at this event,  thanks to this, the fair will boast a great variety in different types of handicrafts. However, not the artisans, but the beauty and uniqueness of craftsmanship in all its expressions will be the most important guests.  The event will include an extensive programme consisting of business meetings in order  to facilitate buying and selling, as well as a strong advertising campaign designed to attract individual visitors, wholesalers and retailers.


The organizing committee will provide the participants of the fair with a great opportunity to promote their handicrafts, cultural background and countries to a broad audience. But most of all, the fair will emphasize on providing exhibitioners with an opportunity to sell handicrafts to an audience eager to buy handicrafts, especially in this pre-Christmas period. Additionally, exhibitioners and visitors can count on daily performances of dance, art and traditional music from most of the participating countries.


Profits collected in the 7th International Fair of Handcrafts in Poliforum León, will be invested in the creation of a National Institute for Development, Research and Design of Crafts, which will provide training, design and commercialization courses to all craftsmen who request it.


Artisan friends, we invite you to share your colors, art and talent at Las Manos del Mundo’  7th International Fair of Handcrafts in León Guanajuato. Welcome!



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Las Manos del Mundo

7th International Fair of Crafts in León, Guanajuato.

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